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  • Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
  • City of excursion: ZANZIBAR
  • Guide languages: en English, af Afrikaans, sq Albanian, ar Arabic, hy Armenian, az Azerbaijani, be Belarusian, bg Bulgarian, zh-CN Chinese (Simplified), hr Croatian, cs Czech, da Danish, et Estonian, tl Filipino, fi Finnish, fr French, gl Galician, ka Georgian, de German, el Greek, ht Haitian Creole, iw Hebrew, hi Hindi, hu Hungarian, is Icelandic, ga Irish, ja Japanese, mt Maltese, no Norwegian, fa Persian, pl Polish, pt Portuguese, ro Romanian, ru Russian, sr Serbian, sk Slovak, sl Slovenian, es Spanish, sw Swahili, sv Swedish, th Thai, tr Turkish, ur Urdu, vi Vietnamese, cy Welsh, yi Yiddish
  • Unguja and Pemba are endowed with some of the best and most varied dive sites in the world, with diving courses catering for the novice up to dive master standards. Steep wall dives, drift dives and world-class coral formation make this area A PRIME LOCATION for experienced deep water divers. Diving from a boat in the clear, blue ocean off zanzibar is one of the most exhilarating experiences to be had on a holiday in this part of East Africa. The visibility is usually very good, the water warm and marine life diverse and Innumerable. swaying weeds and soft corals all seethe with minute organisms that are food for the large species. Shoals of fish weave and dart around in kaleidoscopic ballets and playful octopus, cuttle fish, Sea-Urchins and Sea Cucumbers can be seen at every point. Courses are run at the various levels and one is able to train up to PADI standards of sports Diver and master Diver. For professional divers. there marvelous opportunities for deep water diving and under water photography. Scuba schools and dive centre are equipped with lamps and other specialized equipments to out fit such activities.


    2 dives


    4 hours


    1. It ranges around $140 per person
  • Country tour Tanzania, United Republic of
    City of excursion ZANZIBAR
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | af Afrikaans | sq Albanian | ar Arabic | hy Armenian | az Azerbaijani | be Belarusian | bg Bulgarian | zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) | hr Croatian | cs Czech | da Danish | et Estonian | tl Filipino | fi Finnish | fr French | gl Galician | ka Georgian | de German | el Greek | ht Haitian Creole | iw Hebrew | hi Hindi | hu Hungarian | is Icelandic | ga Irish | ja Japanese | mt Maltese | no Norwegian | fa Persian | pl Polish | pt Portuguese | ro Romanian | ru Russian | sr Serbian | sk Slovak | sl Slovenian | es Spanish | sw Swahili | sv Swedish | th Thai | tr Turkish | ur Urdu | vi Vietnamese | cy Welsh | yi Yiddish
    Duration of the tour HALF DAY TRIP
    Creation Date Saturday, 20 June 2020
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