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  • Sun set & Dow cruisesp hi
    Sun set & Dow cruisesp hi

Sun set & Dow cruisesp hi

Starting at: $50

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  • Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
  • City of excursion: ZANZIBAR
  • Guide languages: en English, ar Arabic, zh-CN Chinese (Simplified), zh-TW Chinese (Traditional), hr Croatian, cs Czech, da Danish, nl Dutch, et Estonian, tl Filipino, fi Finnish, fr French, ka Georgian, de German, el Greek, ht Haitian Creole, iw Hebrew, hi Hindi, hu Hungarian, is Icelandic, id Indonesian, ga Irish, it Italian, ja Japanese, lv Latvian, lt Lithuanian, mk Macedonian, ms Malay, mt Maltese, no Norwegian, fa Persian, pl Polish, pt Portuguese, ro Romanian, ru Russian, sr Serbian, sk Slovak, sl Slovenian, es Spanish, sw Swahili, sv Swedish, th Thai, tr Turkish, uk Ukrainian, ur Urdu, vi Vietnamese, cy Welsh, yi Yiddish
  • Dhow cruising has become very popular in Zanzibar. A dhow is a traditional wooden sailing boat: although most dhows have inboard or outboard engines for safety should the wind drop. Cruising around the small islands on a dhow is a fantastic and memorable experience. The sunsets viewed from the dhow are evocative and timeless. Lunch and refreshments served on the dhow are usually part of package. Dhow and Sunset Cruises, normally starts at 16:30h from stone town beach. We prepare one of our dhows to take you under sail, across the bay and along the beautiful coast of stone town This is a wonderfully romantic way to raise a glass to the end of another glorious day in the tropics.


    Half-day Excursion


    2 pax 50$ per person

    4 pax 40$ per person

    6 pax 30$ per person


    Include transport to Kendwa Beach

  • Country tour Tanzania, United Republic of
    City of excursion ZANZIBAR
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | ar Arabic | zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) | zh-TW Chinese (Traditional) | hr Croatian | cs Czech | da Danish | nl Dutch | et Estonian | tl Filipino | fi Finnish | fr French | ka Georgian | de German | el Greek | ht Haitian Creole | iw Hebrew | hi Hindi | hu Hungarian | is Icelandic | id Indonesian | ga Irish | it Italian | ja Japanese | lv Latvian | lt Lithuanian | mk Macedonian | ms Malay | mt Maltese | no Norwegian | fa Persian | pl Polish | pt Portuguese | ro Romanian | ru Russian | sr Serbian | sk Slovak | sl Slovenian | es Spanish | sw Swahili | sv Swedish | th Thai | tr Turkish | uk Ukrainian | ur Urdu | vi Vietnamese | cy Welsh | yi Yiddish
    Duration of the tour HALF DAY TRIP
    Creation Date Saturday, 20 June 2020
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