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  • Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
  • City of excursion: ZANZIBAR
  • Guide languages: en English, af Afrikaans, sq Albanian, ar Arabic, hy Armenian, az Azerbaijani, eu Basque, be Belarusian, bg Bulgarian, ca Catalan, zh-CN Chinese (Simplified), zh-TW Chinese (Traditional), hr Croatian, cs Czech, da Danish, nl Dutch, et Estonian, tl Filipino, fi Finnish, fr French, gl Galician, ka Georgian, de German, el Greek, ht Haitian Creole, iw Hebrew, hi Hindi, hu Hungarian, is Icelandic, no Norwegian, fa Persian, pl Polish, pt Portuguese, ro Romanian, ru Russian, sr Serbian, sk Slovak, sl Slovenian, es Spanish, sw Swahili, sv Swedish, th Thai, tr Turkish, uk Ukrainian, ur Urdu, vi Vietnamese, cy Welsh, yi Yiddish
  • Mnemba - Snorkeling

    Enjoy yourself with snorkeling as Indian ocean boast of its exotic coral reefs, attractive marine creatures and fantastic white sandy beaches to spoil you during and after snorkeling . Miss not to explore and prove our richness in natural attractions as we confidently proud of our stunning natural attractions and inviting you to experience.


    Half-day Excursion


    2 pax 60$ per person

    4 pax 50$ per person

    6 pax 45$ per person

    Include snorkeling � transport � snorkeling equipment

  • Country tour Tanzania, United Republic of
    City of excursion ZANZIBAR
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | af Afrikaans | sq Albanian | ar Arabic | hy Armenian | az Azerbaijani | eu Basque | be Belarusian | bg Bulgarian | ca Catalan | zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) | zh-TW Chinese (Traditional) | hr Croatian | cs Czech | da Danish | nl Dutch | et Estonian | tl Filipino | fi Finnish | fr French | gl Galician | ka Georgian | de German | el Greek | ht Haitian Creole | iw Hebrew | hi Hindi | hu Hungarian | is Icelandic | no Norwegian | fa Persian | pl Polish | pt Portuguese | ro Romanian | ru Russian | sr Serbian | sk Slovak | sl Slovenian | es Spanish | sw Swahili | sv Swedish | th Thai | tr Turkish | uk Ukrainian | ur Urdu | vi Vietnamese | cy Welsh | yi Yiddish
    Duration of the tour HALF DAY TRIP
    Creation Date Saturday, 20 June 2020
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