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  • Climb Razdelnaya
    Climb Razdelnaya

Climb Razdelnaya

Starting at: $2 100

  • Located between Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan in the Pamir Mountains, Razdelnaya will be the perfect mountain for beginner alpinists. As one of the seven peaks of the Pamir mountain range, Razdelnaya (6,148 meters) is known for its friendly climate and easy ascent route. The route towards the Razdelnaya summit is part of the classic route to the third highest peak in Kyrgyzstan, the famous Lenin peak (7134 meters).

    I have organized this trip in order to take some extra time for acclimatization as well as to take one entire day to rest before we start the summit ascent. I will be happy to safely guide you during this 16-day expedition and reach the summit of this amazing mountain in the best possible way. You will find a detailed itinerary below!

    Even though this route is quite easy and does not imply extreme technical difficulties, all participants must be in excellent physical condition and they must be prepared to bare some difficult slopes and some hard snow conditions.

    Also, keep in mind that during this adventure we will be able to do some ski touring and ride some great slopes with breathtaking panoramas! So if you are ready for this 16-day climbing expedition to Razdelnaya (6148 m), request to book this trip and get ready to join me on this unique opportunity in the Pamir Mountains!

  • City of excursion World
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | ru Russian
    Duration of the tour 15
    Creation Date Thursday, 10 August 2023
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