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  • Elaphite Islands Boat Tour from Dubrovnik
    Elaphite Islands Boat Tour from Dubrovnik

Elaphite Islands Boat Tour from Dubrovnik

Starting at: $800

  • The Elaphite Islands or as a Frenchman would say Les Iles Elaphites, consist of many reefs and eight islands just north of Dubrovnik. Only the biggest Iles Elaphites are inhabited, and on this Elaphite Islands Boat Tour, we will visit all three of them. Other smaller Elafiti islands are just a playground for the seagulls, rarely disturbed by the visitors searching for tranquil isolation. Each of these Iles Elaphites is like a special pearl, each like the other, but still somehow different. 

    If you are looking for an easy day on the water with zero stress and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the hot day in Dubrovnik, while swimming around different locations and just taking the sun on the boat, Elaphite Islands Boat Tour is the perfect tour for you. 

    In the commodity of your private boat tour, you will create your perfect day at sea. Your skipper will provide a few suggestions and recommendations for the day. But it will be only up to you to decide where to stop and how long to stay.

    Elaphite Islands are close, and most of the time can be spent hopping from island to island. We will be visiting caves, pebbles, or sandy beaches while enjoying the sun and perfect blue water. We will stop on any beach or secluded bay for swimming, snorkelling, or just to relax on the boat. It’s all up to your wishes. 

  • Country tour Croatia
    City of excursion Dubrovnik
    Languages spoken by the guide en English
    Duration of the tour 4-8 hours
    Creation Date Sunday, 26 December 2021
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