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Yustas Fortuna


"Fishing for a living was always a dream that I wanted to come true. I've loved fishing all my life and a lot of my friends are professional fishermen. It's great to meet other professionals on the job. I also love taking beginners out to target big game so that they can have a new and fresh experience out on the water!" Captain Yustas Fortuna is the main man behind Big Marlin Charters, and he works alongside a whole host of local captains and first mates to provide exciting fishing adventures. With waters full of big game fish awaiting you, hop aboard Big Marlin Charters for an incredible day out!

Good method of trolling for Blue or White Marlin is to use all natural baits, like Balllyho and 12" octopus kona and speed of 7-8 knots.  Awesome crew typically pull a spread of 6 lines.
Captain Yustas Fortuna



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Yustas Fortuna
From: ru uk
Member since: 02 December 2019

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