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  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
  • Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana
    Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana

Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana

Starting at: $350

  • Spearfishing in Punta Cana - the best area for spearfish and speargun guided tours

    One of the most extreme and breathtaking spectacles in the Dominican Republic by the area of the barrier reef is spearfishing.

    If you have ever dreamed about spearfishing in Punta Cana – now is a good time.

    The underwater world of the Atlantic ocean barrier reef is rich in fauna and is cut by crevices between underwater rocks of volcanic origin extending to a depth of 10 to 50 feet. Many tourists visit the reef not only for spearfishing but also for the incredible views during the dive or freediving or hookah diving. The multi-colored corals and fish scattering or resting in the crevices of the rock don’t leave anyone indifferent. Spearfishing is definitely an activity worth doing during your vacation in the Dominican Republic, and it is best done with the Big Marlin Charters Company. And here is why:

    At the Big Marlin Company you can book a spearfishing guided tour with an experienced professional. You will be accompanied by our hunting professional guide from the moment you get onboard of our catamaran in the marina till the happy moment of taking pictures of your trophies on the catamaran’s deck.

    You will meet one of the most experienced spearfishing hunters in Punta Cana and a member of our professional team, local spearfishermen – Bogdan. He will discuss with you your experience level and accompany you throughout the whole spearfishing charter: onboard the catamaran, during the dive and hunting by the reef as well as being there when we take pictures of your trophies for your great memories.

    If your experience level is sufficient and the weather is favorable you will be able to go beyond the reef also and our guide will certainly show you the best hunting spots rich with fish for speargun hunting.

    Our 26 feet very comfortable Grady – White model catamaran called “Fat Cat” (because he’s being fed really well on our fishing trips) and our team will be happy to take you spearfishing!

    Fishing with a speargun is an activity that doesn’t like rushing and unnecessary moves. Attention! We do not teach spearfishing! You need to have certain skills before you go underwater. Do not lie during your introductory conversation with our instructor. Your life and safety is no joke. You won’t be wasting your time in search of the underwater hunting equipment, specifically a speargun, a mask, the weights, compression body wear or a wetsuit and so on. We have it all.

    You won’t be wasting time and energy to cross the open water from the beach to the reef. Not only that it’s clearly very dangerous but it also exhausts you. There will be less energy for actual hunting. Open water is raced by motorboats which take tourists to the catamarans. Those boats ride with raised bows that don’t let them see the underwater hunter even if you follow safety rules and have a buoy attached to you while moving underwater. Do not risk. It’s not worth it. There were accidents. Be in control of your life and health.

    Another factor is that it takes quite some time to find a good fishing spot which once again leaves you with less energy for actual hunting. Don’t forget that in the winter ocean underwater temperature reaches only 69F-73F (21-23C) and this means that you will get cold pretty fast without wearing at least a long-sleeve thermal shirt. Our professional hunter-instructor knows very good hunting spots and they are rather far from the shoreline. The barrier reef is very different along its line. There are some very deep places, there are incredibly captivating shipwrecks with tons of fish. BUT the ability to go these spots really depends on your training level.

    We offer every kind of underwater hunting for any level of experience in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana – Bavaro zone. Including going out to the stunning deepwater reef which lays across from the Punta Cana airport, the spot which you can’t just simply reach by catamaran or boat. That zone is not accessible from the shore. Once again: fishing locations indeed depend on your level.

    So, what are we going to hunt? As it was mentioned above – the barrier reef is a rock cut by deep cracks and caves where reef fish likes to hide. There are Groupers, 3 kinds of Snappers, Pargo, Palometas, Black Dragon, Barracuda, Jackie, Squirrel Fish, Soldier fish, Tiger Grouper, Parrot Fish, Red Snapper, poisonous Lionfish, Moray eels (which are no joke) and many other species.

    Here you can also find spiny lobster, octopus, squid, and crab. You can hunt spiny lobster and crab in caves at specific times of the year. This is connected with certain periods when hunting for these species is permitted.

    Another advantage is that you can have your trophy cooked right there at the beach in a small local restaurant. The price is $10 US per person for all your fish plus a plate with the sides. The place is checked and their cooks are excellent. The drinks are paid separately. The name of the place where we are located is Jelly Fish Beach, Punta Cana.

    In case if you bring a companion or companions like your wife, your kids or others, who do not wish to hunt or do not have sufficient experience level nevertheless they will be able to have a great time onboard the catamaran. There is suntanning space on the bow. There is a WC. There are refreshments. There is snorkeling equipment – masks and tubes. The Captain stays onboard during your dive and will ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Snorkeling by the reef is super fun! Attention – do not forget the sunscreen, it is vital on the water especially!

    3 hours and 20 minutes from the overall 4 hours charter duration you can spend underwater in a company of our spearfishing instructor guide. This is a sure enough time for you to come back aboard with the catch.

    On our way back to marina from the hunting spot we will pass by the Dolphinarium and the Marinarium. We can also stop at an amazing shallow spot with crystal clear water, ideal for great pictures.

    Having booked spearfishing with our company you will be accommodated on a spacious, broad and comfortable catamaran. You will be offered refreshments. A huge advantage is that the catamaran will always be close so you will be able to take a break whenever you feel like – get warm, drink something hot and rest.

  • Country tour Dominican Republic
    City of excursion Punta Cana
    Time spending 3
    Duration of the tour 4 hrs.
    Does customer need experience? Yes
    Minimum age (years) 16
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | ru Russian | es Spanish
    Creation Date Sunday, 28 June 2020

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