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White water kayaking on the emerald Soča river

Starting at: $64

  • If you are looking for an awesome one-time kayaking experience on the Soča river, we without hesitation recommend you to try our guided kayak descent, where you will paddle into the magical currents of the river, together with an experienced and professional whitewater kayak instructor. You will not only glide on the mystical stretches and secret corners of the river, but you will also be able to experience the wilderness of whitewater rapids.

    Sit on top kayaks are a fantastic intro into the whitewater world of kayaking, as they are easier to handle and offer more stability than classic whitewater kayaks. Because of the shape of the boat, which is friendly for beginners, we can also push our limits on more exciting parts and let the adrenaline flow through us on more challenging sections of the river. Before hitting the waves, the guide will provide instructions about safety, after which you will start your 7 km guided kayak descent with sit-on-top kayaks. The starting point will be determined by the guide, and after the first practice rowing strokes, you will begin the 1,5 h river adventure.

    You will start your trip in our agency located in the centre of Bovec. You will be kindly asked to sign a waiver form and be introduced to the guide. He will give you all the necessary equipment, we will jump in the car with our driver and go to the starting point of the river. There we will change into our swimming suit and start with the safety instructions. After practising the basic technic, we start our kayak descent. When we finish our trip, our driver is waiting for you and as soon as we change back into our dry clothes, we start the drive back to the office where we check out the pictures of the trip and say our farewells till next time.


    Key information

    Duration: 1,5h on the river, 3h altogether
    Kayak type: open plastic sit-on-top kayak
    Drive: 5 - 10 min
    Section: Čezsoča – Boka (7km)
    Level of difficulty: I-II
    What you need: bathing suit, towel, dry underwear to change, sun cream


    Limitations: Who can't attend the guided sit-on-top kayak descent?

    People shorter than 120 cm
    Pregnant women
    People with mobility impairments
    People with back problems and other psychophysical injuries
    Kids younger than 14 years
    People under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Country tour Slovenia
    City of excursion Bovec
    Time spending 3 h
    Duration of the tour 1,5 h
    Does customer need experience? No
    Minimum age (years) 14
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | hr Croatian | de German | hu Hungarian | it Italian | sl Slovenian
    Creation Date Tuesday, 12 May 2020

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