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Primoz Zorc


My enthusiasm for whitewater was already put in my cradle. I was born into the white-water world and grew up in a kayak. Growing up in Soča Valley equips you not only with whitewater sports knowledge and skills but with the passion for nature, outdoors and the local environment. I first sat in a kayak in 89’ and was instantly pulled into the Soča valley white water scene, which at the time, was still in bandages. As the years passed by, I started to upgrade my professional knowledge joining white-water rescue courses which allowed me to receive the competences to safely guide whitewater activities. In 2001 I joined a team of whitewater admirers in the SportMix agency and 9 years later, I decided to combine professionalism and knowledge with my love for water sports, nature and local environment as its director. Come and visit my white water family and let's make some memories together! 


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Primoz Zorc
From: sl
Member since: 12 May 2020

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