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  • Private sailing trip
  • Private sailing trip
  • Private sailing trip
  • Private sailing trip
    Private sailing trip
    Private sailing trip
    Private sailing trip
    Private sailing trip

Private sailing trip

Starting at: $300

  • Enjoy an unforgettable experience sailing through the Mediterranean, a sailboat of 16mts in length, with capacity for 12 people aboard the Kalima. Living an unforgettable day with your family or friends. The sailboat has ample equipment, making the stay very comfortable.

    Full day,
    Max number of people: 12,
    Activity place: Tomás Maestre Marina
    Departure time: 11:30 am, Return time: 18:00 pm, (It is essential to be 30min before, in order to cross the bridge, which opens at 12:00)
    At 12:00 will depart from the Tomás Maestre Marina, heading towards the Mediterranean Sea, with favorable wind conditions the sails will be raised, enjoying the pleasant sensation of sailing driven by the wind, if it is not possible continue to motor. In the navigation by the Mediterranean Sea we will see closely Isla Grosa, Farallón and Hormigas. At noon you will proceed to anchor in the vicinity of Cabo de Palos, Cala Tunisia, or in the Escull de la Raja near the Hotel Galua, duration of the stop 2h 30m. Then we will continue sailing, heading towards the PTD. Tomás Maestre to cross on the bridge at 18:00 pm.
    Recommendations: Appropriate clothing according to the season of the year, in the Mediterranean it is easier to get dizzy than in our Mar Menor, so it is recommended for people suffering from dizziness, take some kind of preventive measure such as, the intake of a biodramina with caffeine 30 min before boarding.
    Mandatory: White sole sport shoes preferably,
    Note: Food and drink not included, you can bring prepared food ready to consume, if you need to heat anything, the boat has a microwave.
    (Route exposed to optimal weather conditions)

  • Country tour Spain
    City of excursion La Manga Del Mar Menor
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | es Spanish
    Duration of the tour 6h
    Creation Date Saturday, 30 November 2019
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