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  • 8 Days Lemosho Route
    8 Days Lemosho Route

8 Days Lemosho Route

Starting at: $2 000

  • With eight days of trip-time, your Kilimanjaro trek on the Lemosho Route takes longer than the alternatives, but is a bit quieter and gives plenty of acclimatization time to trekkers... The landscape is varied, with possible animal sightings on the first day’s hike, when you start out from Londorosi Gate. You will have a private vehicle to take you to and from the mountain. Accommodation on the mountain on this trip will be in tented camps – a great experience, a true mountain adventure.

  • Country tour Tanzania, United Republic of
    City of excursion Moshi
    Languages spoken by the guide sw Swahili
    Duration of the tour 8 days
    Creation Date Tuesday, 05 October 2021
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