Parawan's Thai Home Cooking Class

Parawan's Thai Home Cooking Class
City of excursion Koh Tao
Country Thailand
Starting at: $50


 I'm Parawan and I run my Thai cooking classes from my house on Koh Tao where I have set up my own cooking school on the roof of my house.  I can take up to 8 students at one time, usually there are less than that in my classes though.  If you would prefer to book a private lesson then I do also offer that option too.  As well as offering cooking courses at my house I offer private online cooking classes too. 

In the cooking classes I will teach you to make 3 dishes and the first person to book in for a particular class will get to pick the menu for that class.  I offer two classes a day, one in the morning starting at 10am and one in the afternoon starting at 2pm, pre-booking is essential though as I need to ensure that I have the ingredients ready for the course.  A standard course lasts approximately 3 hours as most dishes take around an hour to prepare, make and then eat.  Some take a little less than an hour and some take a bit longer like the Thai curries as you will also make the curry paste before making the curry. 

After making the dishes you can eat each one as you make it or you an make all 3 and then eat them together as a meal.