3 Days Nature tour itinerary for tanzania: Spot The Animal Life Of African Grasslands

3 Days Nature tour itinerary for tanzania: Spot The Animal Life Of African Grasslands
City of excursion Arusha
Country Tanzania, United Republic of
Starting at: $1 700

Itinerary DAY01 Arusha - lake manyara Head out to Lake Manyara early. Arriving with plenty of time for an afternoon game drive. Visit the large alkaline soda lake which is home to the pink flamingo, yellow-billed stork, and heron. Get a chance to see tree-climbing lions, which are unique to this national park with your Tanzanian safari guide. Watch out for some fun, and antics from the local baboon population; this area is believed to have the largest number of primates in the world. DAY02 Lake manyara - ngorongoro After an early breakfast, drive to the fascinating wildlife arena of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a “must-see” safari destination. See all of the ‘Big Five’ (buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion, and leopard) in a single day. Drive through the Ngorongoro Highlands with your Tanzania safari guide, and you will arrive at the crater rim and then descend down 610 m (2000 feet) onto its floor to start your safari extravaganza. DAY03 Ngorongoro - tarangire national park - arusha Head out for Tarangire National Park- a must for avid birdwatchers, that boasts of over 550 different bird species including the Kori Bustard, the heaviest flying bird in the World. Watch as the Tarangire River runs through the park attracting a huge number of elephants, buffaloes, giraffe, and antelopes, particularly in the dry season between June to October. See large herds of elephants roaming through Tarangire’s savannah grasses or taking shade under the odd-looking “upside-down trees” (baobab) that are present around the park with your Tanzanian safari guide. Return to Arusha.