Arenal volcano national park

Arenal volcano national park
City of excursion Alajuela
Country Costa Rica
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The majestic Arenal - Costa Rica's most famous volcano - is located about 90 km northwest of San Jose, the country's capital.
In the summer of 1968, an earthquake struck the Arenal area, after which the volcano began to erupt. Since then, Arenal has been more or less active, for example, from July 2008 to September 2010, lava and pyroclastic flows were ejected.
The height of the top of the volcano is 1670 m, and in shape it corresponds to an almost perfect cone. By geological standards, Arenal is very young, it is only about 7 thousand years old.
Near the Arenal there is a beautiful lake of the same name. It was once small, but after the construction of the dam, it increased significantly, becoming the largest in Costa Rica.
The surroundings of the volcano are extremely rich in flora and fauna. The Arenal National Park was formed here, visitors of which can see 8 of the 12 biological zones of the country.
Arenal is a popular resort, where, in addition to the spectacular views themselves, various types of recreation and sports are offered. You can soak up the hot springs and SPA-hotels, explore exotic nature in the natural environment and in gardens of butterflies, reptiles and other animals, choose a horse ride, car or boat ride or flight in a hot air balloon, travel by air tram and walking on suspension bridges.