Three-day excursion to the Peloponnese

Three-day excursion to the Peloponnese
City of excursion Peloponnese
Country Greece
Starting at: $390

Are you Greek living outside Greece? Or you just love Greek culture? We invite you to a life-time experience any time of the year, individually or in a small group!

In which region in Greece with a unique natural landscape can you hear stories from the Dawn of Time to the present? Would you like to live history as an experience by playing treasure-hunt for adults? In how many days does the centuries-old past fit in?

We can share these, and much more, in our three-day archaeological tour of the Peloponnese! Join us and explore with us the superb archeological map of the area. A tailor-made tour, especially for history lovers, by experienced archaeologists is offered by EMOS PEHA to its members-subscribers. Full informative material is also provided.

Important notice: keep only your senses in your luggage! The cost is covered by your annual subscription and the company EMOS PEHA.

Tasting experiences at the traditional Greek tavern "Petrino Balkoni"!

Enjoy the hospitality of the hotel "Tsolaridis" in Kyparissia!

Day one-The journey of time begins

From the emblematic archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the thread of time takes you to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius and the Neda Waterfalls.

Short stopovers and two meals.

Day two-Unexpected stories

Secrets of time at the archaeological site of Vounaki at Messenia, the archaeological site of Peristeria as well as the magnificent gorge and the Castle of Kyparissia.

Dinner and rest.

Day three-End or a new beginning?

The superb Castle-Town of Mystras, a story in itself!

Last surprise: if you choose an archaeological site in the Peloponnese, EMOS PEHA will cover your costs. Write your own story!

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