Charles Bridge - Quest tours of Prague

Charles Bridge - Quest tours of Prague
City of excursion Prague
Country Czech Republic
Starting at: $33

How the excursion goes

Please note: the walk is unaccompanied and meeting with the guide

To complete the quest you need a fully charged smartphone with Android system below 6.0 or iPhone with iOS system at least 10.

After paying for the quest on, you will receive an email with instructions for installing the application with quest tasks.

Internet access is only needed to download the app and tour. At any time you can pause the game to take a break or admire the views

The quest can be completed with a company of more than 4 people, but in this case it is more convenient to use two smartphones and split into two teams. To do this, purchase two excursions.

Charles Bridge The prophecy is destined to come true: Prague is going to die, and Charles Bridge will be completely destroyed... If you don't intervene!

Charles Bridge. It’s time to save Prague!

Today, a real mission awaits you – you must save Prague! Yes, you didn’t mishear. The disaster is coming! The prophecy of Beard-face is about to be fulfilled. Save Prague along with Charles IV, the greatest of Czech kings! Charles Bridge is a symbol of Prague and a place of power. Here, every stone is ready to tell its legend, you just have to listen… Get ready to dive into the history of the construction and destruction of the bridge, to hear legends about the bridge towers, sculptures of saints, holy men, and Czech heroes. Prepare for the real discovery of Kampa Island and the lives of its inhabitants – people, spirits, museum exhibits, monuments and living swans.

Major Attractions

  • Knights of the Cross
  • Square Church of St. Salvator
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi
  • the monument of Charles IV
  • Old Town Bridge Tower and Malá Strana Bridge Tower
  • Charles Bridge and its sculptures
  • Kampa Island
  • Grand Priory Water Mill
  • Prague Venice
  • the narrowest street in Prague
  • Vltava Embankment

Starting point of the route

Knights of the Cross Square (Křižovnické náměstí). The nearest metro station: green line (A) Staromestská. Then to the left, walk for 4–6 minutes down the Křížovnická street. You can also get there from the Karlovy Lázně tram stop (number 2, 17, 18, 93) and walk along Smetanovo Nábřeží for 3–5 minutes.