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Xenios Zenon Yannis Sykiotakis


IamĀ an individual with a rich background of skills, qualifications, and qualities. I have excellent Italian, French, Greek and English languages, all verbal and written, in addition to a basic understanding of Spanish and Japanese. I am experienced in: Tourism and Hotel Enterprises, Sales & Development, Hotel & Services Management and Marketing under numerous Administrative positions. A very professional and fun candidate that has devoted his life to his main passion: Hospitality Industry and Travel. An amenable character that through his Public Relations Skills and Acquaintances, has challenged himself to always gain the extra mile. Finally, I have excessive experience in the International & Local Affairs of the Hospitality Industry, amongst many more. I would Love to Show you My Country Greece *(Hellas we call it) or especially the beauties and the treasures of my island Crete. You are Welcome



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Xenios Zenon Yannis Sykiotakis
From: el
Member since: 04 January 2020

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