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Delight rose safaris


Delight Rose Safaris this is a tour company located in Nairobi Kenya doing safaris to all parts of Kenya and Tanzania. We handle groups, family, students couples and individuals doing safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. The Company: Our mission is the provision of quality services to our clients while conserving the rich flora and fauna so abundantly found in our region. The Staff: We have a team of highly qualified & competent staff with great and divergent wealth of experience in management and operations, which combines to give our clients expected satisfaction from planning on the table to executing the plan into the wilderness. The Services: We specialize in providing services such as Luxury tented camps safaris, lodge safaris ,budget safaris, camping safaris, mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro climbing, Hotel bookings, executive transportation including shuttle services and airport transfers services. The services are competitively priced to give the best satisfaction for your clients input and budget. We give customized to fit customer needs. Why Us?? Our services are dependable, reliable and efficient and budget friendly.

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Delight rose safaris

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