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Monterrasol Travel


We are a company specializing in all seasons multi-day private small group car tours across Central Europe and the Balkans (Croatia, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia).

We offer road trips for up to 6 people. Each tour is conducted with a driver and a tour leader. Tours are offered in English and Spanish. Disponible en Español.

Every tour we can customize according to your wishes and conditions. With us, you will have the opportunity to see not only all the landmarks but also the hidden gems as well. We will stop in interesting places or viewpoints for you to take beautiful images. We will have the meals when you feel like it. We will do sightseeing and walks as long as it is comfortable for you, and take a rest when you would prefer.

We are regularly adding new tours to our website. Our tours can also be long, 30 days or more, upon request, as well as solo travelers can have an individual tour with us.

Visit our site for more information and to see the catalog of our tours:

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Monterrasol Travel

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