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Tips In Chile


I am Víctor. I am a tour guide, travel agent, therapist, accountant, event manager, historian, conflict resolution manager, tax and currency expert and professional story teller. But overall, a confident friend in the south of a very beautiful country called Chile.

I have benn working in tourism for 15 years. I love my job because I feel that one should work in a capacity where one enjoys work. And the fact that we love and enjoy our work immensely can be shown in the way we prepare our tours. We are pleased to show you this piece of the paradise located in the south of the world.

I always try to make our tours as an unique experience not only for the quality and quantity of knowledge the visitor can get, but also for the way I try to do it: be flexible to the rhythm of the person or occasion; try to follow the seasons, suggesting the correct things to do at the right moment. Always is possible to change or add an extra detail. I try hard to make tailor made experiences There are many things to do in of Chile.

I'm sure you don't be disappointed when I share with you all the beautiful places that this beautigul part of the world can offers to you. We will really enjoy to take you to all the places that surely will surprise you, the same way it happened to me



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Tips In Chile

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