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  • 3-Day Fully Catered Mokoro (Canoe) Safari Okavango Delta

3-Day Fully Catered Mokoro (Canoe) Safari Okavango Delta

Starting at: $450

  • Enjoy this 3-day camping safari that will take you on amazing Mokoro Excursion and walks along the Okavango Delta Waterways, This is the ideal opportunity to spot a variety of birds and animal species including crocodile, hippopotamus, Red lechwe, elephant, zebra, impala and more. You will see the vast open spaces densely covered with vegetation, grass, shrubs and palm trees forming most of the Islands.

  • Country tour Botswana
    City of excursion Maun
    Time spending 3 Days
    Duration of the tour 3 Days
    Does customer need experience? No
    Minimum age (years) 8 years
    Languages spoken by the guide en English
    Creation Date Thursday, 14 November 2019

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