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  • Climb to Ararat
    Climb to Ararat

Climb to Ararat

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  • About the tour:

    Mount Ararat is considered legendary for reason. As the Bible has it, it was the final destination of Noah’s Ark. Climbing Mount Ararat provides an opportunity to study an ancient culture along with climbing to en elevation of 5000m.

    Ararat climb doesn’t require a rich previous climbing experience. Even a newbie in good physical shape can summit it.

    Mt. Ararat is a dormant volcano presently located on the territory of Turkey. The mountain has two peaks – the Great Ararat (that is 5065m) and the Little Ararat (3925m).

    The duration of itineraries for climbing Mount Ararat varies. Acclimatization is conducted on the mountain itself since there are no other significant altitudes to climb. The camp-to-camp progress depends on the group’s physical fitness and season – in April the amount of snow makes the assent significantly difficult and the descent –easy.

    Ararat climbing.

    Day 1. Arrival in Van (you can optionally pay through Ygdyr, in which case the transfer is paid separately).
    Day 2. Breakfast at hotel and a ride to the village of Eli, followed by ascent to the first camp. The climb takes about five hours. Overnight stay at camp.
    Day 3. Breakfast. Acclimatization ascent to Camp-2, 4100m, descent to Camp-1.
    Day 4: moving to the camp-2 at 4100m. Set up tents, preparation for climbing.
    Day 5. Early start to summit Mount Ararat and descent to the camp at 3340m.
    Day 6. Reserve day. After breakfast, we remove the camp and descent to the village of Eli, transfer to the hotel. It takes about two to three hours. Overnight at the hotel.
    Day 7. Breakfast at the hotel. Departure home. On this day, you can plan to visit the famous Van fortress if your departure is in the afternoon.

    The price of Ararat climbing tour includes:

    • Mountain guides (in the proportion of 1 per 4 climbers)
    • Transfer Van-Ararat-Van
    •  Hotel in Van. Accommodation in 2-3-bed rooms. Duration of stay depends on the schedule.
    • Permits for climbing
    • Meals three times a day throughout the trip. Dinner on the first day, breakfast – on the last.
    • Mules for taking the equipment to camps. (15kg/pax)
    • Equipment for the group (ropes, ice screws, radios, first aid set, satellite navigators/GPS).

    The price of Ararat climbing tour does not include:

    • International and local flights
    • Personal gear
    • Medical insurance for mountain climbing
    • Expenses incurred by any changes to the mentioned itinerary
    • Personal expenses (drinks, internet, phone calls, etc.)

    Dates of tour: 07.06.-13.06.2020, 23.08.-29.08.2020

  • Country tour Turkey
    City of excursion World
    Duration of the tour 7 days
    Does customer need experience? Yes
    Minimum age (years) 18
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | ru Russian
    Creation Date Wednesday, 05 February 2020

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