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  • Climb Lenin peak
    Climb Lenin peak

Climb Lenin peak

Starting at: $4 000

  • Climbing Lenin Peak is not technically difficult, except for a few crevasses on the route between the camps at 4400m and 5400m, which have to be crossed in roped parties. For this reason, Lenin Peak is considered the easiest and most accessible of the world’s 7000m peaks. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect proper preparation or overestimate yourself.

    The main difference between climbing Lenin Peak and climbing lower peaks is the longer duration of the expedition, the accumulated psychological exhaustion and the drop in motivation. We will do everything we can to help you avoid these conditions by organising a comfortable base camp and providing varied and plentiful food. Our guides are professional climbers (not just words) with numerous ascents of 8000m peaks and years of experience in climbing and leading guided groups. They look after the welfare of all members of the group and will do everything possible to help you reach your goal, whilst maintaining a high level of safety. We don’t cut corners for our clients! Previous experience of living above 5000m is an advantage.

    Day 1. Flight to the city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan and meeting at the airport with our representatives.
    Day 2. Transfer to the intermediate camp Achik-Tash at an altitude of 3600m.
    Day 3. Short acclimatisation hike.
    Day 4. An 18km trek to the base camp at Lenin Peak (altitude 4400m) and setting up the camp.
    Day 5. An acclimatisation trek.
    Day 6. Ascent to Camp 1 (5400m) or trek to 5100m on a mountain near Base Camp. Overnight in one of these camps.
    Day 7. Descent to Lenin Peak base camp (4400m), rest.
    Day 8. Rest day.
    Day 9. Ascent to camp 1 (5400m).
    Day 10. Ascent to camp 2 (6100m).
    Day 11. Descent to Lenin Peak’s base camp (4400m), rest.
    Day 12. Rest day.
    Day 13. Ascent to camp 1 (5400m).
    Day 14. Ascent to camp 2 (6100m).
    Day 15. Climbing Lenin Peak, with overnight stay at Camp 2 (6100m).
    Day 16. Descend to Lenin Peak base camp (4400m) and rest.
    Day 17. Reserved day.
    Day 18. Reserved day.
    Day 19. Reserved day.
    Day 20. Descent to Achik-Tash camp and transfer to Osh.
    Day 21. Transfer to the airport and flight back home. 

  • Country tour Tajikistan
    City of excursion Asia
    Duration of the tour 21 days
    Minimum age (years) 12
    Languages spoken by the guide en English | ru Russian
    Creation Date Tuesday, 15 August 2023

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