Discovery Scuba Diving

Discovery Scuba Diving
City of excursion Cozumel
Country Mexico
Starting at: $145

Live your first diving experience and get to know the underwater wonders of Cozumel. 2 dives from our boat so you can visit the same reefs as certified divers. See gigantic coral formations and countless marine life.

Before entering the water, your dive instructor will introduce you to the basics of diving and go through all the safety features necessary for a safe and comfortable dive. You will learn to assemble your equipment and become familiar with it to enjoy a safe and comfortable experience. The boat will bring to a safe area first so they can perform the pre-dive exercises. Once the requirements are met, you will proceed to the first of the dives. The duration of the dive will be around 50 minutes depending on the air consumption of each person. You will descend to a depth of 32 feet to observe the underwater world like you have never seen it before. After the first dive is complete, you will come aboard for the surface interval between dives. You can taste a snack and you will have water, juices and soft drinks available to keep you hydrated during the activity. Once the surface interval is completed, you will take a second dive in a different reef.

All dives are carried out within the Cozumel Marine National Park, so the sighting of large coral formations as well as a multitude of marine life is guaranteed.
This activity is designed under PADI safety standards and under no circumstances is the safety of the participants put at risk. It does not require any previous experience in diving.